1. When can I drop off my knives? When will I get them back?

We are open:
   Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM.
   Saturday: we are at Batavia Farmers Market: 8AM - 12PM
   Sunday: closed.

Average turnaround is 24-48 hours.

2. How to find you?

Our address is:
   Sharp Quarters
   123 Flinn Str.,
   Batavia, IL, 60510

3. Can you sharpen serrated knives?

YES! We can sharpen many types of serrated knives. We do not sharpen    knives with "micro serration" (very very tiny teeth)

4. Can you sharpen recurved blades?

Yes we can. Just bring it in.

5. Can you sharpen barber or hairdressing shears?

Unfortunately, not at this time. But planning in a very near future.

6. My knives manufacturer recommends sharpening by whetstone only - can you do that?

Yes we can do that, but even routine sharpening is always done on the stone surface, not just a simple belt grinder.